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2023 Artisans

Wawatay Personalized Crafts

Unique handcrafted jewelry with a personalized touch!

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Naturalli Creative

Featuring frame pressed-dried flower prints, whimsical fantasies, sunstones and rhubarb leaf garden stones and bowls.

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2023 Artisans

Wawatay Personalized Crafts

Unique handcrafted jewelry with a personalized touch!


Amber Blair is the creator of Earth + Ember Pottery, a small home-based pottery studio located in Midland, Ontario. Amber studied art fundamentals and graphic design at Georgian College in Barrie and currently works as a freelance graphic designer. Amber has always had a deep interest in all forms of creative expression and has recently found a new passion in creating original handmade pottery, inspired by beautiful Georgian Bay and the surrounding nature. Her vision is to create beautiful, functional, and environmentally friendly products that can be used and loved every day. Every item is handmade with Love.

Simply Distinctive

Fused glass functional pieces and sculptural garden art. 


Steve sculpts in stone from alabaster to marble. He also carves with chainsaws in various wood.


6311 Line 2 North, Midland, ON L4R4K3


Fine art photography and photographic prints & cards.

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Facebook: @earthandemberpottery

Instagram: earth.and.ember

Morning Glory Glass

Stained glass panels and light filtering - reflecting sun catchers

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Jocelyn's Wastenot Farms

Jocelyn's Soil Booster regenerative growing tools nurture healthy plants, healthy people, and a healthy planet! By avoiding the use of chemicals, our products supply natural microbes to kickstart the soil’s living ecosystem, delivering on-demand nutrition so that plants flourish all season long. Tending to the biology in soil ensures you grow thriving plants, harvest large yields of nutrient-dense food, and lock carbon in the ground to help fight climate change. Learn more at

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